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We just purchased an acreage in Iowa and are working on making it into our dream homestead. I work full time as a County Veterans Service Officer in rural Iowa. My husband is an over the road truck driver and is mainly home on the weekends. This makes our acreage a “weekend” project when both my husband and I are home. This blog will be a ‘diary’ of our adventures and a great time line to look back on how far the acreage has come.

I grew up on a small acreage that was pretty self sufficient, my parents did and still do things pretty “old school.” It is amazing what you pick up as a child and I amaze myself with how many things I can do on the homestead just because I watched my parents. On the other hand, I am no expert and want to use this media as a means to learn and share with others what I find works or in some cases, doesn’t work. I resolve to always be honest with you, even when the results may not be so pretty because that is how we learn!

I love a good DIY project and love to craft, especially scrapbooking. I love the nostalgia it brings plus it’s a great creative outlet. My degree is in Interior Design, completely unrelated to what I do now but I do love a good floor plan and a home that reflects it’s owner. I want my home to be inviting and comfortable. I hope people walk into our home (once we remodel it) and think, “Yep, this is totally Coby and Toni’s house!”

I have a passion to become self-sufficient, just like our Grandma’s were and their Grandma’s before them. I want to grow a big garden and learn how to can and freeze food. I love the idea of “grocery shopping” in my own pantry with food that I grew, eggs that I gathered and meat that I raised.

I want my daughter to grow up with fond memories of the “farm” life just like I did.

If this sounds like the perfect, simple life to you then you are in the right place! Kick off your shoes, come on in and join in the adventure!


Published by

Toni Parizek

I love vintage and nostalgia and strive for simple living while designing our dream homestead. I am a wife to an amazing man who is an over-the-road truck driver and mommy to a fun and sassy little girl and look for the joy in every day life.

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