Adding to Our Farm

Even though it is such an odd time in the world right now it’s spring and that means new critters! We have had it in the works to add to our menagerie for quite some time and it just so happens that COVID-19 happened at the same time making it all the more interesting!

A New Critter Every Day

We were video chatting with my Dad and his girlfriend the other day and I was telling them our schedule this week and for three days in a row my sentence started, “This critter is coming on…” His girlfriend laughed and commented that Scarlett is going to think she gets a new critter every day!


We started our additions Saturday when our new (fairly large) calf arrived, the farmer was gracious enough to trailer him to the house for us. We like to get them shortly after they are weaned from their mother but due to the odd circumstances this year he was about 750 pounds, I’d call him about “teenage” size! From finalizing the date and him arriving to our pasture was about 24 hours! It wasn’t a big deal to accommodate him except, I didn’t have any moo cow feed! We luckily have a Co-op about half an hour away that mixes feed and I was able to order feed from them and get it with minimal human contact for safety purposes due to COVID-19.


Coby and I had this wonderful, perfect childhood vision of gifting Scarlett a puppy for Easter. Our daycare provider’s dog had puppies and we knew we wanted to get one and we thought the Easter bunny bringing the puppy would be perfect. Well… COVID-19 put a ca-bosh to that! Coby drives a semi and was on the East Coast when the virus first started running rampant so we decided that he would stay on the road until things calmed down so he wouldn’t potentially bring something home to Scarlett. Because of his absence on Easter I didn’t want to bring the puppy home and him miss it so we held off until our daycare provider mentioned she was worried the puppy was getting too attached to her so, we got a puppy on Sunday. Everyone, meet Max!


Due to a minor miscommunication my Dad thought our “Baby Buck Bucks” aka chicks were coming on Monday but they actually arrived on Tuesday via mail! My Dad places a large order of chicks every year so I just add a few to his order. He and my niece brought them by Tuesday morning. They ship in a sturdy cardboard container with plenty of air holes. It’s quite the site, and the noisy chirps, to witness! Scarlett thought it was great fun when I opened the box and showed her what was inside. She had to love on them right away!

The hardest part for me is adapting to a puppy. I have never had a puppy, only older dogs and am trying to learn quickly how to best work with him and teach him. Luckily he seems to be very well behaved but we have to work on the potty training and learning that chickens are not for his personal entertainment! The second biggest conundrum of getting critters at this time is not being able to go to the store to get supplies. We are choosing to have very little contact with people for Scarlett’s safety so I have to find things that will ship here via online ordering. Thank goodness for and Amazon. All employees involved in shipping goods at this time deserve a standing ovation and my sincerest gratitude, Thank You!

I will certainly keep you up to date on how our new animal additions are going, so far, so good!


Published by

Toni Parizek

I love vintage and nostalgia and strive for simple living while designing our dream homestead. I am a wife to an amazing man who is an over-the-road truck driver and mommy to a fun and sassy little girl and look for the joy in every day life.

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