How We are Coping with COVID-19

Exploring our windbreak in the pasture during Quarantine

I debated writing anything on this subject because, if you are like me you are tired of the negativity which in turn spurs fear. I had a good friend ask me the other day how we are handling things here and she mentioned she would love to read how we are managing being the family of an over-the-road truck driver during this odd time. First and foremost my husband and I decided last week that the best option was for our two year old daughter and I to stay home on our acreage. My husband Coby had been out over the weekend so he was already on the road, where he was on the East Coast of the United States where the virus has sadly hit really hard. For the interest of our daughter Scarlett we decided that he will be on the road indefinitely as the incubation period can be up to two weeks before you even potentially know you are sick. Not knowing what lies ahead is scary, not knowing when we will see him again stinks but luckily we have fabulous technology to help us through. He stocked up on canned goods to eat in the truck, he has a fridge and microwave in there so he is ok on food. He seems more worried about finding coffee then food! He has mentioned that it has been harder to find showering facilities but keeps things in the truck to do a ‘whore’s bath’ as he calls it. He said that his dog who accompanies him is getting antsy but seems to be handling everything ok!

Measuring and planning our garden for later this spring!

I work full time in the community and am not receiving support to work from home. It scares me not knowing what the future holds as I do not wish to go back to work where I could bring something home to Scarlett, let alone take her somewhere for the day where there could be nasty germs. For now I luckily have two weeks of paid vacay and sick time left so we are using that. I had originally envisioned my vacay time being used over the course of June when it was bright and sunny and I could be outside lovingly working on our acreage. At first I was bitter I was having to use my vacay to keep my family safe but then I thought, “Scarlett is safe so who cares?!” Also, why CAN’T I work on the acreage and house during this vacay time too? I am really trying to change my perspective and view this as a positive time with my daughter. We have been exploring the pastures, planning the garden and watching “Movies,” (We watch a lot of shows on DVD and Scarlett calls them, “Movies!”) I am also using this as an opportunity to potty train as Scarlett has taken an interest in that and also teaching her how to brush her own teeth rather then doing it for her in the interest of time.

Yesterday we organized the upstairs linen closet that had boxes thrown in it since the day we moved but was never organized and it is such a wonderful feeling. Bless all of the trash mans hearts during this quarantine because they are going to be busy with all of the purging going on, #quarantinecleaning! This is an opportunity to get to all of those little “projects” and, “Someday I’ll get to that,” kinds of things accomplished.

We still are having ups and downs during this very uncertain time but I truly believe your mindset is powerful so we are working on staying positive, I hope you are too. You are doing the right thing for your family and your community!

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