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We just purchased an acreage in Iowa and are working on making it into our dream homestead. I work full time as a County Veterans Service Officer in rural Iowa. My husband is an over the road truck driver and is mainly home on the weekends. This makes our acreage a “weekend” project when both my husband and I are home. This blog will be a ‘diary’ of our adventures and a great time line to look back on how far the acreage has come.

I grew up on a small acreage that was pretty self sufficient, my parents did and still do things pretty “old school.” It is amazing what you pick up as a child and I amaze myself with how many things I can do on the homestead just because I watched my parents. On the other hand, I am no expert and want to use this media as a means to learn and share with others what I find works or in some cases, doesn’t work. I resolve to always be honest with you, even when the results may not be so pretty because that is how we learn!

I love a good DIY project and love to craft, especially scrapbooking. I love the nostalgia it brings plus it’s a great creative outlet. My degree is in Interior Design, completely unrelated to what I do now but I do love a good floor plan and a home that reflects it’s owner. I want my home to be inviting and comfortable. I hope people walk into our home (once we remodel it) and think, “Yep, this is totally Coby and Toni’s house!”

I have a passion to become self-sufficient, just like our Grandma’s were and their Grandma’s before them. I want to grow a big garden and learn how to can and freeze food. I love the idea of “grocery shopping” in my own pantry with food that I grew, eggs that I gathered and meat that I raised.

I want my daughter to grow up with fond memories of the “farm” life just like I did.

If this sounds like the perfect, simple life to you then you are in the right place! Kick off your shoes, come on in and join in the adventure!