Top 15 Side Effects of COVID-19

Tomorrow the Supervisors for my my full time job meet to decide whether we will go back to the office next week or continue to work from home and I have a feeling we’re going to be heading back to the office. I am having some extreme emotions and am deeply saddened by this. I have enjoyed being home with Scarlett more then I ever imagined I would. I won’t lie saying that it has not been trying for both of us to be around each other constantly but it was a blessing I was given to be with her everyday during a time she grew so much. As our time working from home draws to a close I wanted to recap some of the unexpected side effects we as a family experienced due to COVID-19:

15. The Lack of Me Time- When I’m at the office I usually have some time throughout the day that it’s just me and I’m not surrounded by a cute little person ALL DAY LONG!

14. Barrage of Home Improvements- I want to knock down every wall and add a conservatory and add flower beds everywhere outside!

13. Appreciate the Small Things- Like going to the convenience store for some munchies you are craving.

12. I literally thought my car was broke- I hadn’t driven it in so long I thought it sounded funny!

11. I need more lotion- My hands are so dry from washing them constantly.

10. Potty Training- Scarlett decided quarantine was the time to potty train which is a great idea but be warned, potty training is the devil.

9. Creative Cooking- I now can whip up a random meal fast in-between phone calls for work.

8. My love for living in the country multiplied- I feel for people who live in cities and can’t get their children outside to play.

Thank goodness for living in the Country and being able to let Scarlett get out and explore.

7. I cried when I heard a semi down the road- My husband is an over the road truck driver and when everything went crazy we decided to have him stay out so he didn’t bring anything home to Scarlett. He ended up being gone for two months before we saw him again. To say we missed him is an understatement.

Scarlett and I bedazzled the window when Coby finally got to come home. Please pay no attention to my dirty window!!

6. I actually missed people- People can drive me nuts but when I saw my neighbors out for a walk I hoped they would turn down our road and we could chat but they sadly went the other direction.

5. I got tech savvy- I learned how to do online grocery order and pick up, this is sadly huge for me!

4. Developed Horrible Habits- Scarlett now thinks we need to watch a movie every day during lunch, oops.

3. Extreme Paranoia- I was terrified to have my parents drop off Scarlett’s Easter goodies because I was afraid they might have goobers on them or the electrical lineman that was constantly petting our dog and then have Scarlett pet him for fear of transferring something to her.

2. This one sums up Quarantine- Scarlett cried when we (briefly) ran out of chocolate! Apparently my family deals with quarantine by bringing us a LOT of chocolate!

I swear, we never have this much junk food in the house, it’s a quarantine thing!
  1. Not to be cliche but- How truly blessed I am. We live in an amazing Country, we have plenty of food and clean water. I have a family who is loving and supportive through it all and that is everything.

We are living a definitive moment in history and I hope this list helps you reflect on your time in quarantine, both the good and the bad. May we learn from it and cherish the good times that it brought.


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Toni Parizek

I love vintage and nostalgia and strive for simple living while designing our dream homestead. I am a wife to an amazing man who is an over-the-road truck driver and mommy to a fun and sassy little girl and look for the joy in every day life.

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